The Evolution Of Success

Masterclass Series

Course Breakdown

The full course lasts 3 days over the course of 3 months with each day focused on a specific sectorial dimension of The Evolution of Success.  The full Masterclass series costs €10,000 and off-site options are available.  

Cost Includes: Initial consultation, Peer networking session, accountability buddy, three days training & refreshments, and an individual follow up consultation. Tailor made for your organisation’s and its unique challenges. Membership of the Evolution of Success Alumni.


Our Masterclass Series offers your company or team a deep immersion into each of the three sectorial dimensions of The Evolution of Success including the foundation steps, the action steps, and the habit steps.

One of our trained course teachers will work closely with your team on a specific issue or concern to do with your  business and show everyone how to adopt The Evolution of Success in the workplace to achieve greater effectiveness and establish a more well-rounded approach for pursuing your business’s goals.